Acquisitions & Investments

Acquisition & Investment Services


GFI Capital Resources Group, Inc., through its various affiliates, provides a full range of real estate investment and management services. Since its inception in 1983, the firm’s affiliates has successfully acquired, built, rehabbed, managed and when appropriate, sold a wide variety of properties including multi-family, office, retail, hotel and mixed use. GFI has consistently generated attractive returns for their investment and joint venture partners.

GFI excels at transacting in deals that don’t fit the typical mold. Developing innovative methods to execute a strategy to add value is a cornerstone of our mission. Our out-of-the-box approaches include:

  • Maximizing tax credits in order to make a deal feasible.
  • Negotiating with municipalities to receive TIF and CID benefits which allow for capitalizing a deal in a way that enhances returns.
  • Unlocking value through true asset management – especially through turnarounds that add value to the overall asset.
  • Approaching a deal through negotiations with the lender and borrower simultaneously to allow for an inside track on acquiring a deal.
  • Willing to take on complex and complicated deals, finding innovative ways to unlock their value.

Strong Investment Platform

  • Diversified: Investment types include multifamily & mixed use/retail, stabilized acquisition as well as development.
  • Analytical: Our team utilizes both macro/strategy level analytics and micro/deal level analytics.
  • Local Knowledge: Hands-on acquisitions and asset management teams understand the regions in which they operate.
  • Existing Institutional Relationships: Both debt and equity.
  • Transactional Capability: Acquisitions and dispositions, resulting from 35+ years of active investing.
  • Ability to Support Co-Investment: Strong balance sheet.

Strong Operating Platform

  • Scalable: Technology platform that includes full marketing/revenue management modules and customer experience surveys to provide top data analyzation.
  • Capable: Through our affiliates, investments are supplemented with local regional management teams in addition to marketing & construction management specialists.
  • Sustainable: Stabilized acquisitions, as well as development, act as growth engines. Additionally, we have extensive experience in energy and water saving retrofits, part of all evaluations.