Commercial Business Insurance

Commercial Business Insurance

When it comes to managing your risk, we mean business.

Whether your business has soared to the Fortune 500 or is a start-up company operating in a rented storefront, adequate business insurance protection is critical to managing your risk.  Carrying the right kinds of commercial insurance – in the right amount – is an essential safeguard to protecting your hard work and helping you sleep easier at night.

GFI helps to ensure the long-term success of businesses ranging from long established, multi-million dollar organizations to local retailers and restaurants.  Our commitment is to deliver the most customized business insurance value and to help you decrease and contain the costs of doing business.

Our insurance experience and reputation in the industry has enabled us to develop a wealth of relationships with top-rated insurance companies, and we carefully match your business needs to the finest solutions.  From property and casualty to liability, commercial auto, workers compensation and more, we evaluate each carrier’s capability and do everything in our power to ensure you’re getting the best fit.

Our insurance claims handling is not outsourced, but handled by a designated professional who will react immediately and get the wheels turning, generally by the end of the business day. As a result, we consistently deliver an unparalleled level of service and results.