GFI’s Tyler Edwards Featured on CO’s Top 30 Leasing and Sales Brokers Under Age 30 October 14, 2016

Commercial Observer | October 5, 2016

Tyler Edwards, 25

Associate of Acquisitions at GFI Capital Resources Group

Tyler Edwards’ family has assisted his real estate career in more ways than one.

Edwards initially developed his interest in real estate while watching his father, a landlord and investor, discuss business.

“I grew up driving to New England with him, stopping in different markets along the way,” he said. “I’d attend meetings with him and listen to calls in the car and learned the basics of the industry during those car rides. I learned the value of relationships, and the excitement of making deals happen.”

Edwards, who has a bachelor of business administration in finance from George Washington University School of Business, joined GFI Capital Resources Group straight out of college, starting out as a junior associate. Now a full associate, he identifies acquisition opportunities for the firm and oversees underwriting and financial analysis, working on the company’s multifamily deal team to develop and acquire garden-style and midrise residential properties.

One recent transaction of his is the purchase of River Market West Apartments, a 137-unit new construction deal in Kansas City, Mo., purchased prior to lease up for around $30 million.

Another deal he did lately is one for which he can again thank his parents. He was visiting them in Boca Raton, Fla., last April when a 212-unit residential property in nearby Deerfield Beach, one town over, caught his eye. He knew some brokers in the area and set up some meetings, and GFI’s purchase of the property closed the day Edwards spoke to Commercial Observer, for an undisclosed amount.—L.G.

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