Is Your Reputation Only As Good As Your Last Review? June 5, 2014

Multifamily Reputation Management

If you don’t build an irrefutable reputation for your apartment community and management company it’s likely that your reputation is only as good as your last review.  Build a reputation beyond reproach by building so much positive content on the web that when negative or hateful reviews come in it’s the reviewer’s integrity in question, not the apartment community and property management.

Additional benefits of building a deep and consistent base of apartment ratings and reviews:

Employees do a better job managing a property when they are consistently working towards a positive goal.

Deter would be negative reviewers by showing that most people that live at your community are happy.

Build a better demographic.  Good renters rent better apartments.

Decrease wear and tear on the property.  Good renters don’t destroy their apartments.

Increase rents, retention, and customer approval simultaneously.

Increase value of the development.  (If you are an investor, how much would you pay for an apartment community with a majority of reviews for issues like bed bugs and shoddy construction?  Would you pay more for an apartment community that seems to be well maintained and managed?)

The list goes on and on.  Multifamily professionals are not denying that reputation management is a crucial aspect of property management, but the industry has been slow to act to improve overall.  Multifamily professionals are in a holding pattern while trying to figure out the best solution but it’s already here.

Renter Reviewed is the multifamily industry leader in apartment reputation management with over 4 years of success and experience.


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