GFI Launches National Corporate Wellness Program August 12, 2014




Program to unite all GFI Affiliates in the Pursuit of Healthy Living

GFI Capital Resources Group, Inc., a leading, comprehensive diversified real estate and insurance services organization, today announced its innovative corporate wellness program, a six-week health initiative which will promote the physical wellbeing of all GFI employees, as well as corporate camaraderie.

The Corporate Wellness initiative will be open to all employees at all GFI affiliates in all regions – GFI Capital Resources Group, Inc.; GFI Insurance Brokerage, Inc.; GFI Realty Services, Inc.; GFI Management Services, Inc.; GFI Development Company LLC; and Broadway Construction Group. Teams will consist of four to ten employees who will band together to “out-health” competing teams. There will be weekly individual prizes, along with a grand prize consisting of gift cards or paid time off awarded to members of the winning team.

“The wellness program has produced a great deal of excitement in our offices, and has rejuvenated cross- regional communications,” said Belinda Gillett, director of human resources at GFI Capital Resources Group, Inc . “The positive impact it has had on our employees’ awareness in terms of health and nutrition was anticipated from the program’s early planning stages, however the amount of workplace chatter that has begun pertaining to health topics and the competition was more than we could have expected.”

The wellness challenge’s registration opened on July 28 and was well-received by GFI employees. The fact that team names and avatars are being utilized in the challenge has brought a fun sense of collaboration among competing teams and divisions. Office discussions have centered around the competition and there have been increased conversations about GFI’s various wellness initiatives. Surprisingly, these conversations have led to new friendships between employees who’ve found that their co-workers have similar exercise regimens.

“I’m very excited to be participating in this workplace health initiative,” said Jermaine Pugh, an executive benefits consultant at GFI Insurance Brokerage, Inc. “I’ve long considered healthy living an essential part of my lifestyle, and I appreciate that GFI is collaborating with its employees and helping them work towards healthy living.”

GFI is partnering with HealthTrails and using their proprietary software for the competition. Whenever an individual performs one of the specific healthy activities being tracked – exercise, consumption of fruits and vegetables and water consumption – the employee inputs the information into the HealthTrails software, on the website or mobile app, and the user moves further along a virtual trail on the screen. For privacy concerns, only co-team members will be able to see their teammates’ personal scores, but competitors will have access to the scores of all teams.

In addition to bringing together individuals from different business units, the wellness program has brought together GFI employees from different generations. Because the three categories of exercise, drinking water and fruit and vegetable consumption are integral to the health of people of all ages, GFI employees – who range from the Greatest Generation to Generation Y – can all relate to the challenges and benefits of healthy living.

Programs of this nature align well with GFI’s proactive attitude toward its employees’ physical health. Other similar-minded health initiatives that are being promoted alongside the wellness program include: fresh fruit Mondays to kick off GFI employees’ weeks, lunchtime walks on Wednesdays, and a health fair featuring various in-network healthcare professionals located near GFI’s new office in the financial district.

Along with the wellness competition, GFI has also started populating a Pinterest page with posts relating to health and fitness, and has uploaded over 400 pins in categories including Health and Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Getting Ready to Run and Office Exercises.

The program will run from August 11 to September 21.

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